WWE 2K17 Free Download

Wwe 2k17 Free Download

WWE 2K17 in an impressive fighting  game, developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts and published under the 2K Sports banner. WWE 2K17 is thee 18th game in WWE series, released on 11th October, 2016.

WWE 2K17 includes the back stage fights plus it also features fights in the crowd. In the previous installment WWE 2K16 developers had to simplify the controls due to many complaints that they are quite difficult to master.  The developers have focused on the career mode where you have to fight with other wrestlers in the lower league of WWE and after that advance the main round. In WWE 2K17 players can participate in on-camera interviews and interact with the crowd thanks to the new promo mechanic option. You can select one of four speech options. Your choice of the speech will determine if you are a good or bad boy.  The commentary is great and the graphics is also very imposing.