LAST DAY ON EARTH Cheat Download APK MOD v1.7.7

Last on Earth is an impressive game in which you have to survive by extracting resources and killing a lot of zombies. To do this you need to find weapon hidden in various locations. To craft yourself you need a lot of resources.  Therefore we suggest to download the hacked version of Last Day 1.7.7 to enjoy the game and not to look for resources. The installation is very quick and easy. All you have to do is to drop the download cache and install the apk file.

After installing this mode you will get:

  • Coins – buying item will increase number of your coins instead of reducing it,
  • Duplicate items – you can duplicate items in your inventory by pressing split,
  • Skill points – using your skill points will increase your skill points instead of reducing it,
  • Weapon/ Item durability – your weapons and items won’t break,
  • Free crafting,
  • Memory hack,
  • Item max stock 200+,
  • All switch always enabled,
  • Anti-ban,
  • Build houses everywhere,
  • Destroy other houses,
  • Freeze all crates,
  • Freeze all inbox item
  • Clone every item,
  • Max player level,
  • Free building house,
  • Free upgrading houses,
  • Earn to max stock,
  • Freeze all consumable,
  • Unlock all blueprints,
  • Easy finalize.