Farming Simulator 2018 Crack Serial CD Key Generator (PC,PS4,XONE,MAC)
Farming Simulator 18 for PC – Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a farmer without getting your hands dirty? Now you can with Farming Simulator 18 PC.

Farming Simulator 18 free download PC is the most versatile agricultural simulator on the market. The game is complex and it requires from you more than just remembering to log in and watering a few plants. Farming Simulator 18 requires you to plow fields, farm animals and fertilize plants in a way that requires understanding of how a farm really works.

Farming Simulator 18 cracked key  (PC) was designed for consoles, so the controls reflect this. If you use a game pad or controller, you have to pay attention to the button mapping, because you just need to use almost every button. For example, you must display maps using one of the shoulder buttons and select items from the drop down menu while driving the tractor.

You will start the game by choosing one of the two farms to start with. Before you start your first harvest, you will need a lot of work, and in some cases you can even hire a few hands on the farm if your finances allow it. The only problem with hiring employees on the farm is how daft the artificial intelligence is.

The AI is so stupid that the simplest obstacles will make them unable to finish their work. When this happens, you will have to give up what you were doing and take over on their behalf. Once you know what they can and cannot do, then you’ll know how to manage them, but it takes time.

In addition to handling fields, you also need to know how to deal with farm finances. The complexity of financial management is high because simple operations, such as how good you manage livestock and farm-hands,  will have a huge impact on whether you can buy new equipment or even allow yourself to run old equipment.

This shiny new tractor may seem like a good idea, but you’ll always wonder if you really need it.

The graphics look amazingly realistic. Despite the strange times when the blades of grass cut through your truck, the animals look the same as in the fields. The performance is also quite good and gives a realistic idea of ​​what it is like to work on a farm.

The artificial intelligence of the farm will certainly piss you off more than once. Farm-hands are not rented for their intellect, but you would expect them to be able to handle more than they do. If you look at it, you will still have to be a serious agriculture fan to deal with the repetitive nature of tasks.

Farming Simulator 18 cracked key  is definitely a niche game. Very few people will enjoy it, but those who do it will probably stick to it for a long time. It can be done with a bit of polishing, but it can be fixed in the next installment of the game.


How to download and play Farming Simulator 18 on PC?

  1. Download and install bluestacks. You can also use android or ipadian,
  2. Register new or connect your old gmail or google play account,
  3. Search box in bluestacks and type “Farming Simulator 18”,
  4. Next click “install” button and wait for the download to complete,
  5. Enjoy!